Dear Leavers

Dear Leavers,

Have you any idea how much heartache and headaches your vote and the Brexiteers’ subsequent handling of this vote have caused nationwide and on a European scale?

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This poem is about my experience of 4 weeks (28Aug-26Sep 2016) in University Hospital Southampton from coma after near fatal cycling accident. Dedicated to our amazing NHS medical teams: especially: Laura Z, Fei Q, Maria J, Darlene R, Doris H,Rachael C, Christine R C, Hannah T, Marie Rui S, Sam W, Carlos P, SN “Koo”,

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Freedom of Movement. A Celebration

Freedom of movement is a wonderful achievement and an asset – we value and cherish it and don’t want to lose it for any of #the5million currently #InLimbo – EU27 citizens in the UK and British citizens resident in the EU27.

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