In its drive to cut net migration, the UK is treating its citizens disgracefully

The UK and the EU are on collision course about securing our rights. One point of contention is apparently that EU citizens can now bring non-EU spouses, without minimal income threshold. By contrast, UK citizens can only bring non-EU spouses if they make over 18,600 per year (regardless of how much their spouse makes). So a UK citizen who makes 16k and, say, her American spouse who makes 25k cannot be together as a family, even though their income is above average. An EU citizen, by contrast, could.

Now, this law is horrible. It has led to families being ripped apart, young children growing up as skype children because mum or dad has been deported. A particularly egregious case was the Singaporean Irene Clennel, who was the main carer of her disabled husband. Because he made under 18k, she was deported to Singapore. She has British children and no friends or contacts in Singapore.

In its drive to cut net migration, the UK is treating its citizens disgracefully. I find this minimum income threshold inhumane and indefensible. The EU now wants to make sure their citizens are not subject to this heartless law. How many of us are living here right now with non-EU spouses, waiting for the negotiations to turn out? How many people would be deported if the EU does not succeed in holding firm?

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