Aga B.’s Story

I would like to share my story. I’m Aga from Poland, here in U.K. since 2007, living with my unmarried partner. We have an eight year old daughter. Since she was born I was able to work only part time as most of the time I was looking after her. I applied for Permanent Residency but I was refused.

The reasons for refusing me are:

  1. I have a very low income (I work a few hours a week) and they don’t believe my employment is genuine.
  2. I had no Comprehensive Health Insurance when I studied for my NVQ in college.
  3. There were wrong dates on my employment’s papers (my employer’s fault).

How I’m feeling? Very upset. I’ve been living here for ten years and can’t prove my rights as a resident. Its slightly different for married spouses both from EU as they can add each other to the form as a family member. My plan for now: I’ve decided to apply for a Registration Certificate, at least it is something which confirms I’m a worker…

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