H. S.’s Story

I came to the UK nearly two years ago and have lived in Bristol ever since. I fell in love with the place and the people almost immediately, and it didn’t take very long before I began to put down roots and started thinking that maybe I could picture a future in this country. Half of my friends here in the UK are non-British anyway, so why not? Well, to be honest, I never really thought about British or non-British before the Referendum, but that has all changed over the last year. Now half of my friends are worried that they will not be able to stay and that their rights are going to be taken away from them. Personally I have less at stake, I’m not an EU citizen (being Norwegian), and I haven’t invested my entire future in this country, but I did have my heart set on staying here, and now I don’t anymore. I don’t feel welcome as a foreigner, I don’t know what my rights would be, and my French boyfriend, who would have joined me here in the UK if it hadn’t been for Brexit, is naturally reluctant. We are factoring the UK out of our plans now, and we are feeling quite sad about it.

My problems are insignificant when I compare them to other testimonies – my life isn’t going to fall apart, my family isn’t going to be broken up, I’m not going to lose my money etc, but I feel like I am losing a dream.

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