Helga’s Story

Hello everybody! I live with my little family here in the UK. Me and my boyfriend of five years have a son who’ll be 3 in May. We rent a house but all the furniture in it is ours, the fridge, the sofa, everything. We have built a life here… My boyfriend is very worried about Brexit. Every day he tells me he doesn’t want to go home and lose everything. He doesn’t think he is strong enough to start a new life again from zero… He keeps asking my opinion about the news and about what we’re going to do. I try to be calm and I say I’m not going anywhere. Here is my home and here is my heart!!!

Why do I think we should stay? I was shopping with my son just after the Referendum. (I work in that shop as well.) A lady was standing in front of me in the queue. We started to chat about my son and where we came from. She said she’d been to Hungary once and wanted to go again. When she paid, she gave my son a big pack of raisins and told me: “Sorry about this Brexit, I feel embarrassed… those who voted to leave should be ashamed”. My manager was sat at the till and asked me if I understood what she said. I was in tears and I said yes…

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