A.P.M.’s Story

I reported this incident back in July 2016 about being racially victimised due to the Brexit vote. It happened in Stratford, East London.

I was in Stratford, walking down the street. My mother sent me to collect something from her friend. I was unable to due to my phone as the battery life was running out & it switched itself off. I went to a phone shop. I asked the retail assistant to charge my phone & he charged it (not fully but my phone battery life was around 10 to 15%). I called my mother to say that I was not happy with her, sending me out without realising my phone battery was low. I argued with her on the phone and then my phone went off again as I recalled moaning. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a man (white British, who looked middle aged) stuck his nose in a business that did not concern him. He said to me that “this is England, this is Britain, that is not how you talk in this country”. I said to the guy in a calm way “that’s got nothing to do with you, sir”. Then he talked to me rudely & harassed me by verbally abusing me, while saying “it’s not how you communicate & behave in this country, etc”. I kept repeating to the person who was racist & very rude & interfered in my business: “It has nothing to do with you, sir”. He said to me: “Don’t call me sir”. I am black British. I was born in this country the UK & I lived here in this country all my life. I never experienced racism before. My parents are from Africa (Mum – South African & Dad – Nigerian). This is the UK that used to have the biggest empire in the world & now is victimising foreigners & EU nationals because the whole country voted to leave the European Union.

Thankfully, someone (Caucasian, another word for white) came up to me to help & told me: “Ignore this man, he is drunk”. He was kind and polite to me. I said “okay” and I ignored the person who was being disrespectful & verbally abusive to me. I walked away & the person who was racist to me, walked away too.

Even before the Referendum results, I was sick & tired of the Brexit debate from both sides. To be honest, I wanted the Brexit argument to be over whether we remained in the EU or left it & nine months later, everybody is still talking about it.

The moment our country voted to end the EU membership on 23rd June, there were mixed reactions. For myself I had not voted for Brexit as I voted Remain. I was shocked & disheartened. At the same time, I accepted the results until a hate crime happened to me in July 2016 (see above).

I acknowledge that our country the UK is leaving the EU but the mandate is Britain leaving the EU, not silencing us Remainers by calling us “remoaners” or “bremoaners”, attacking everybody (like Gina Miller) who disagrees with them (the Brexiteers), calling high court judges “enemies of the people” and telling us to “shut up”.

Everyone is entitled to their own views as long he/she respect the views of others. Everybody, including myself, is different from everybody else. Yet, it doesn’t mean that Brexit is a good thing. On the contrary. However I do respect everyone’s opinions when it comes to topics like Brexit.

I am anti-Brexit. There is nothing patriotic about Brexit. I am a British citizen, born to parents who come from non-EU countries, South Africa & Nigeria, which are members of the Commonwealth. And that’s how the Brexiteers prefer it, choosing the Commonwealth over the European Union even though all the Commonwealth nations wanted our country to stay a member of the EU…

This whole Brexit nonsense has divided our country so much & with article 50 having been triggered, it shows that our country we love so much is in really deep trouble. That’s why the referendum shouldn’t have been held at all. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Hate crimes have been rising since. It’s been badly affecting ethnic minorities like myself, different faiths & EU nationals like the Poles, German, French, etc.

The Tory Brexit government should be ashamed of themselves. Destroying our country & bringing it down on the global stage. For instance, it was disgusting when the Sun newspaper published on its front cover, addressing the EU & Spain regarding Gibraltar: “Up yours senórs”!

Our nation is in really deep trouble. In really deep trouble.

That is all.

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