A French EU Citizen’s Story (1)

I am a black French national. I have been in the UK for twenty years, married to a Brit for nearly sixteen. I trained and qualified as a midwife here and practiced until before my last pregnancy. I have lived in the south-east of England for nearly sixteen years.

Racist abuse against me has occurred on/off throughout those years. Recently though, running up to the Referendum some have become “bolder”. For instance, a group of youngsters have thrown stones towards me (thankfully there was a river between us), but the latest abuse came from all the local mums I knew as friends who suddenly stopped talking to me!! One even told me: “If one day you decide to turn on the UK and bomb us, please bomb me with my children so I don’t leave them behind!” To this day, it hurts. I’ve known this woman for over ten years, looked after her kids whilst she was in hospital!! Now they all blank me. I spend days not talking to anyone…

Thankfully I have found through my sister-in-law that her friends are more open-minded, but it’s still painful to lose the ones I once considered as my friends!

This is some of my story.

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