Monika’s Story


Quite frankly, I feel betrayed. Over 25 years of paying taxes and NI contributions in this country, and now I might not even be entitled to a pension.

I fear for the future of my daughter, who came to the UK at the age of 9 and graduated here, who has only an estranged father in Poland. I also worry about my three lovely grandchildren, born here and with UK passports, in case my daughter and I are thrown out of the country. The uncertainty is killing me.

I’ve been sick with depression for many years, feeling the undercurrent of racism throughout my life here in the UK, but at least the government and the law were on my side. Now the security is gone. I actually had a nervous breakdown when the date of the referendum was announced and have not been well since.

Looking back, the depression is always worse during Tory rule but this far-right government makes it much worse than anything I have experienced before.

There are other reasons for my depression, but Brexit is something I cannot change on a personal level and equally something I cannot accept on an ideological level because of what it stands for.

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