Natalia’s Story


My name is Natalia and I am Spanish. In 2009 I sold my flat in Spain and I got an important amount of money for it. Tired of my life in 2010, I left my job, sold almost all my furniture, and put the rest of my belongings in a van. I took the Ferry and I moved to London.

Once in London, I studied English for a year. A year when I didn’t work, paying for English courses, living from my savings. After one year, I passed the IELTS English language exam. I decided then to make my dream a reality and study nutrition. I threw myself in the adventure of being a mature student at University and, living again on my savings, I studied for a degree in nutrition. I wasn’t entitled to get student finance, as you need three years in the country to do so.

After two years, my savings were almost finished and I decided to work part-time at the same time as being a student. During this time, in one of my jobs, I didn’t get paid at all, and I worked two months for free. The business closed down, and I wasn’t entitled to get my money. This almost cost me my degree, as I couldn’t afford to keep on studying. It was a hard time, but I survived and in 2015 I finished my degree with a very proud First Class Honours degree in Human Nutrition. With my previous career as a chef and my degree in Nutrition I found my dream job as a head chef in an Events Caterer’s company, where we not only do events but also teach healthy eating.

During this time I met my partner (Spanish too). He has been living in London for more than twenty years. He has always been very positive about and supportive of English culture. At home, all our appliances are in English, all ours books are English: you couldn’t guess two Spaniards live in this flat. We have completely adapted to English culture.

Last year, Brexit won… I don’t have words to say how much this has affected our lives. How betrayed we feel… how sad… once again, I am not entitled to stay in this country, because I haven’t worked full time during the last five years, and my part-time work didn’t have enough hours. I made the mistake of spending all my savings in a country that now is asking me to go…

And today, just today… I am heartbroken… My partner got a job in Dubai. He has been very upset since Brexit won, and now he is leaving for another country where he feels Welcome!!!

I am broken, my career is at its best moment, and my personal life is falling apart thanks to Brexit. I have to leave my amazing flat and move to a room… And who knows when I’ll have to leave the country…

Thanks Brexit for ruining my life!!!

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