A Dutch citizen’s tale about PR and naturalisation

Is it strange that I nearly burst into tears at the end of my passport interview?

After the unnerving first question “do you know why you’re here?”, I got through twenty minutes of fairly random questioning of my personal life, worried that I might be failing because I’m not very good at remembering my parents’ dates and places of birth (I know that’s odd, I just have a very bad memory). He wasn’t even listening to my answers because several times he asked me something which I had just told him as part of the previous answer.
He told me off that my passport photo was not taken in the last 3 months (I just thought it had to be “recent” and a good likeness).

He asked me if I had any questions, so I asked what happens now. He said he couldn’t comment whether my interview was successful or not, but if it was I should receive my passport within 4 to 10 working days. If I didn’t hear anything by 10 working days, I have to ring THEM!

So when it was over, he asked if I had any other questions or comments. I said the whole process had been very stressful. He asked why. I didn’t want to say too much, but said it started with being rejected for PR [on my first application] and being told to make preparations to leave the country. [For clarity, I did reapply for PR and received it at the second attempt, before then applying for citizenship]

And then I suddenly felt so overwhelmingly sad that I welled up and didn’t say much more after that.

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