An Italian’s concerns

by CC, Italy
This is my personal experience of Brexit. I would like to share with all of you not my personal experience as qualified person but my reflections on possible Brexit’s consequences on our children living and studying here. Most of them left their original countries thinking of a new adventure leading to a great experience that would help in their life and career. None of them as none of us would ever thought that the world would become so restricted in less than two years. They struggled to fit in this culture, as most of us, but they did it; they struggled with the language but they achieved great results at school; they graduated, they are seeking for job and maybe they thought to remain in this country. What would happen to their academic qualifications after Brexit ? What about the restrictions to apply for a job ? What about the restrictions to apply for a mortgage? What about the difficulties to come back to their countries ? I have never heard a word about the consequences of Brexit on the future generations.

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