The Sworn Translator’s Story

by Anonymous
I just had a client today who came to pick up her French translations for her British documents in order to get her French passport as under French nationality law she’s entitled to a French passport through her French mother. Her son is British, her husband is British, her mother is French but lives in Crete. She burst out into tears today with all the paperwork as she’s an older lady, and took for granted (like many of us) the no-restriction travelling facilities within the EU as the UK, France and Crete are part of the EU. Now, she’s going through hoops and loops to get a French passport. She never needed a French passport before so relied on her British passport. She’s doing the papers to get her French passport (through filiation), and for her husband to get his French passport (married to a French spouse), and to pass on the French nationality to her son. When she burst into tears, I had to use all my professional (medical interpreting) and family training (mother is a retired French nurse and my ex of 18 years was a British physician) not to cry my eyes out with her. I’ve also cried out many times because of Brexit. This lady was happy with her life before Brexit but now is going through French and British administrative hurdles to get a French certificate of French citizenship through filiation (via the mother) just to keep being able to travel with no thrills to be able to see her mother in Crete, and go to France where her friends are. I comforted the lady and gave her some of my homemade French Christmas / New Year cards. My heart was in sync with her when she burst into tears but I had to use all my mental energy not to cry out as well. I’ll try not to cry today, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it up. Brexit has become very real for some people. šŸ™ Very real indeed.

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