When friends tell me: “You’re not English, just accept it”

Extract from the story in Europe Street News:

“I used to be English. It was my identity and I had the right to it. It didn’t have to be more complicated than that.

I was born in London’s St Thomas’ Hospital, right across the river from the Houses of Parliament. On weekends, as a family, we would take the 88 bus to the Tate Britain. I used to climb and sit on the lions at Trafalgar Square. My friends were English, and so was I, but not to them.

As the daughter of two EU citizens, who was born and raised in London, I don’t feel the need to justify why I felt English. Nothing should burden your right to be from where you were born, whether that is the languages you speak at home or the passports you hold.”

Link to full story: https://europestreet.news/you-are-not-english-just-accept-it/

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