Alena Useinovic speaking on BBC Victoria Derbyshire

In Limbo Project Admin and Advocate Alena Useinovic speaking on BBC Victoria Derbyshire on Monday 3rd December 2018

Alena: “The Withdrawal Agreement regarding Citizens Rights in essence reduces our rights. So, we lose all future voting rights. Three million citizens here and one and a half to two million Britons in the EU become representation-less. I find that interesting that a female Prime Minister in 2018 when she celebrates 100 years of the suffragettes reduces the rights of people to vote.”

<Loud applause from audience>

Victoria: “She says this safeguards rights for 3 million EU citizens here and 1 million Brits in EU countries to stay and carry on.”

Alena: “She also called us ‘queue jumpers’ and does not know how to apologize in public. We have been left in legal limbo for the last two years. The application for settled status which is the new system that is coming out come the first of April in essence does not work. The trials that are running at the moment have errors rates of give or take 10%. So I do not know how that can be safeguarding anyone’s rights but at the same time she tells us we are valued.”

Victoria: “Is it true that you have nightmares about being deported?”

Alena: “Yes. Yes, I have had.”

Victoria: “Seriously?”

Alena: “Yes. Yes, I have and I am sure I am not the only one. I am part of a group called In Limbo. We have written books about EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in The EU with our testimonies. Brits in the EU are ashamed and angry. They did not all have a vote in this referendum because they have been out of the country for 15 years and we here are disenfranchised.”

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