“I am a human. I am not Heathrow.” Alena Useinovic on BBC Victoria Derbyshire “No Deal”


In Limbo Project Admin and Advocate Alena Useinovic speaking on BBC Victoria Derbyshire on Thurday 10th January 2019

Victoria: “Alena, you have been raising your eyebrows sitting next to Harry. I am guessing that you are dreading a No Deal?”

Alena: “I am an EU citizen. I am German. I have lived here for the best part of 10 years of my life. First of all I would like to say for two and a half years since the referendum us EU citizens have been left In Limbo by Mrs May and the entire UK government. If No Deal happens that will continue. ”

Harry: “She has already”

Alena: “No she has not. Let me finish because I am actually affected and I know what I am talking about on the matter. We are having to apply not register for settled status which is entirely unnecessary. In June last year [ed: that is 2017 not 2018]  the EU put forward the first proposal which said anyone that is in the EU as a Brit today and anyone that is in the UK as an European today we will ring fence their rights and any new immigrants coming beyond brexit will have a new immigration law. Britain rejected that. It put up a system called “Settled Status”. The trials that ran in December were open to 250,000 people and 12,500 have out of 15,000 have been granted. 20% of applications of citizens that are here legally that is people’s wives, mothers, husbands, carers. All those things those people have been rejected. You tell me how that is good?”

Harry: “On the flip side of that. Heathrow, I can talk about that personally.”

Victoria: “On Heathrow”

Alena: “Hang on. I am a human. I am not Heathrow.”

Harry: “I know. I know.”

Victoria: “On the Heathrow”


Here is the full (1 hour) program on BBC iPlayer (available until 9th February 2019): Victoria Derbyshire “No Deal” on Thursday 10th January 2019

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