Cosi Doerfel-Hill calls James O’Brien on LBC on Monday 21st January 2019

In Limbo Project Admin and Advocate Cosi Doerfel-Hill call to James O’Brien on LBC on Monday 21st January 2019

James: Cosi is in Liverpool. Cosi, what would you like to say?

Cosi: Good morning James.

James: Hello.

Cosi: I’m normally quite strong.

James: Yes.

Cosi: I’m normally a very vocal advocate for the In Limbo Project. I am sure you have heard about our book ?

James: I have.

Cosi: Our hashtag: #InLimbo.

James: Yes.

Cosi: Because there is too much to be said I can highly recommend if people are interested that they read our book or look on our blog.

James: This is in many ways. Today is the day that the rest of the world has come to recognize the suffering that you have endured for two and a half years. Simply through the uncertainty and now that some of the uncertainty has been removed it is not exactly good news.

Cosi: Yes and no. Now, I am sitting in front of my computer and my mobile. I have an Android 7. So I am OK. By the way a caller you spoke with earlier: it is Android 6 or higher.

James: OK.

Cosi: So if your phone is younger than two years you should be OK. But that is not the point.

James: Of course it is not.

Cosi: The point is that as part of the settled status application I have to agree for my data to be shared with third parties in the UK or overseas. The Home Office does not disclose who it shares this data with. Let me just highlight what kind of data we are talking about. We are not just talking about my name and address.

James: No.

Cosi: We are talking about my name, address, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, finger prints, photograph, biometric data that tells a computer how my face is put together. You could probably clone me with that much information.

James: Wouldn’t you need to provide all of that except the finger prints although some people have that as well for a passport?

Cosi: You have to provide fingerprints for a passport. Yes, but that does not necessarily get shared abroad.

James: No, I understand.

Cosi: Who does it get sold to?

James: I don’t know. You know I don’t know.

Cosi: Yes, and that is the crux.

You have to put that together with another little interesting snippet. The Home Office is exempt from data protection. So a member of the pressure group The 3 million  made a freedom of information request to the Home Office asking them to disclose: “Who do you share this data with?”.

James: Hmm.

Cosi: And the answer was we ain’t telling you.

James: What do you fear? What are you worrying about?

Cosi: So, if my application is refused and I ask them to look at it again. To tell me why it was refused they won’t tell me why because they don’t have to.

Aside from that, I have been here for 30 years. I am married to a British citizen. My children are British citizens. Bill from where did you say he was from?

James: Bangor in Wales. He has been in touch.

Cosi: My heart goes out to him. Like his wife I was born and bred in Germany to the age of 17. I have lived here all my adult life. All my qualifications are British. There is no going back! “Back” does not exist! Can you go back to where you were when you were 17? Get real!

James: It is an excellent point.

Cosi: My plan B is Ireland.

James: Yes.

Cosi: Because my husband and my children speak English. They do not speak any German. German is a hard language to learn. By the way, if Bill can find me on the Internet I will gladly help him. I have been teaching German for 24 years.

James: He is on my Twitter feed so you should be able to make contact yourself.

Cosi: I will find him on your Twitter feed.

James: Thank you. Is there any. What is the best case scenario moving forward? Sorry to be Polly-Anna-ish but I would love to know what you think?

Cosi: The best case scenario would be for. Well the best case scenario would be for the British to wake up and revoke article 50.

James: Yes.

Cosi:  and instruct their government to revoke article 50. It is your government. You have to tell them what you want them to do.

James: Then people will say they have had their democracy denied. A lot of people are already pretending that they voted to crash out.

Cosi: Would you like me to quote David Davis?

James: Hang about, you are preaching to the choir on this one.

Cosi: I know I am.

James: go on.

Cosi: I know I am but you know it is OK to change your mind. It is OK to say this kind of brexit. If you want to leave the European Union fine but the kind of brexit that is being delivered is not just leaving the European Union it is also de-regularizing.

It is also violating human rights changing rights.

James: Wait. Your sense of. Yes I hear you. I am very late for the break. It is the only reason I am moving on. Very very briefly do you feel comforted by all the people saying “Sorry” they did not mean this to happen when they voted leave?

Cosi: Not in the slightest. I am still In Limbo.

James: Funny that.

James O’Brien “Does your passport determine your home?” full – 2 hours 16 minutes

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“Does your passport determine your home?”
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