This poem is about my experience of 4 weeks (28Aug-26Sep 2016) in University Hospital Southampton from coma after near fatal cycling accident. Dedicated to our amazing NHS medical teams: especially: Laura Z, Fei Q, Maria J, Darlene R, Doris H,Rachael C, Christine R C, Hannah T, Marie Rui S, Sam W, Carlos P, SN “Koo”, SN “Kay”, Aggie. In the recovery ward over 50% of the staff were from EU countries outside UK: Spain, Portugal, Poland. All dedicated caring people I will never forget.


From coma you brought me round
In the ward myself I found
Where was this and who are you?
You ease my pain
I sleep again

Waking in the night attached to drip
Lights flash and buzzer sounds
You come back adjusting, fixing
Making me safe
I sleep again

Have I died and gone to heaven?
So kind and caring
here when I need help
Compassion sharing

As days pass I see your 12 hour shifts
I see you looking after all patients with cheerful smile
Now Fei sings and cheers us up
To forget our pain – Thank you Fei

From Portugal and Poland
Spain and Switzerland
Philippines India and more
You are here to save lives with care and compassion

Another day, another cannula
Short sharp sting and blood seeps
Haematology will measure
Facts are treasure

Weeks passed now
Maria is here to help
with a friendly smile
she guides me for an exercise walk

There is only Love here
Banishing the lonely, sad, pain monsters

My heart is yours
I love you – I love you all
and I always will

Paul Blackburn, UK

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