It makes me feel very sad

Meet Tove MacDonald who is 87 years old.

“It makes me feel very sad because this has been my home for all these years and I feel more Scottish than Danish.

I have got a letter to say that because of Brexit I had to register and I couldn’t understand why. I thought, this can’t be right because I have been here so many years. I thought that was absolutely crazy. I am Danish, I was born in Copenhagen. I came over in 1960, so I have been here 59 years. I had a husband and two children and this is my home, I have been here so long.

At 87, why do I have to register?

I was brought up during the German occupation so we always looked up to Britain, we thought Britain was just fantastic. I’m afraid it is not quite the same.

I just love this country and the kindness of the people here.

I have got nowhere to go, nope.

This is my home.”

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