I was probably one of the proudest non-British Brits

Please listen to Corinne, the “proudest non-British Brit you can imagine” as she describes herself before the referendum and hear about her struggles now and how she lost all sense of belonging since that vote in 2016.

“First of all a very happy International Ladies day to all the gorgeous ladies out there especially the ones from the EU27 and EFTA countries and also to all the lovely real guys out there who support us.

Well let’s talk about Brexit: this awful monster.

When I think about it about a week before the vote of doom I was still singing very proudly “God Save the Queen” with the military wives choirs. I was probably one of the proudest non-British Brits you could possibly imagine. Very sadly thinks obviously changed quite a lot since that vote. I have lost many friends along the way because I think they simply cannot understand how this all feels like. They are bored or became bored very quickly with my political pose and actually do not understand what the problem is. They cannot relate to it at all.

They just do not understand what it means to feel rejected. Basically, to lose all sense of belonging and it is really hard because the place you called home no longer is. You don’t actually know any more where home is. It is really difficult.

The whole apathy and lack of care, lack of interest, I find it really hard to actually deal with. You just do not look at people with the same way any more.

It is like I keep saying: I try to make them understand what it is like.

              Having to apply to stay in your own house with your own child.

                                          Let that sink in for a minute.”


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