Joan Pons Laplana speaks at the People’s Vote March on 23rd March 2019

  Joan Pons Laplana winner of the British Journal of Nursing’s Nurse of the Year award for 2018

“Hello. My name is Joan. I came to this country 19 years ago because I wanted to follow my dream to be a nurse.

Since the moment I stepped out of the plane I felt I was at home but all of that changed after the referendum of nearly 3 years ago. I have 1003 days of uncertainty, 1003 days of anxiety, and 1002 nights of nightmares.

I have had enough but I am not giving up because this is my home.

I am not alone. There are 5 million people who have been affected by brexit. Three and a half million here: EU citizens and 1.5 million of British citizens abroad.

We are not going to be treated like that. We do not want to be bargaining chips for this government. We are fed up of being used as scapegoats for this government’s incompetence.

We are not the cause of the NHS being on it’s knees. We are the backbone of the NHS. Diversity is what makes the NHS the number one healthcare system in the world.

One in four doctors is a migrant and one in seven nurses is from overseas. Now when we have a massive staffing crisis is not the time to turn our back on our friends in the EU.

Let me tell you something else. What hurts me really is that Brexit may be the end of free healthcare for everybody.

Brexit will be the last nail in the coffin for our NHS. Nobody, nobody voted to kill the NHS.

For that reason, I demand a People’s Vote for all.

Thank you.”

In Limbo Project Advocate Joan Pons Laplana [ @roaringnurse ] on Twitter

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