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What's In Limbo?

The voice of millions of people who face uncertainty over their future after the EU Referendum

In Limbo is a collection of personal accounts from EU citizens living in Britain that reveals the practical and emotional turmoil they have experienced since the 2016 Referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Organised by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, this anthology is a snapshot of this historical period that aims to add real-life relevance and urgency to the national debate.

"Whatever you think of Brexit, it doesn’t matter when you read this book since all of us know someone whose voice is represented in this book."

This not-for-profit collection is aimed at everybody who is interested in or needs to gain an insight into the true experiences of EU citizens in the UK: members of the public, British family members of EU citizens, journalists and decision-makers in both British and European politics. We hope it will inform but also help fight against discrimination and prejudice by touching hearts and opening minds. People are people wherever they come from, and home is not so much the place where you were born as the place with which you have fallen in love.

Who is behind the project?

The In Limbo project originated when Elena Remigi, an Italian interpreter resident in Britain, felt that the numerous EU voices expressing their distress since the Brexit Referendum would have a much more powerful impact if they were gathered together as a collective testimony. She had also realised by then that most people (even politicians) had little understanding of the uncertainty and discrimination Europeans living in the UK have to face as a result of the Brexit vote. She decided this collection of testimonies needed to be made available to as wide a readership as possible, including both decision-makers and members of the public alike.

In March 2017, Elena started a Facebook group called ‘Our Brexit Testimonies’ with the assistance of British editor Tim Sykes, and Véronique Martin, a French academic and a UK resident for thirty years with her British husband. They were helped in their work by a team of dedicated moderators.

In less than a month, the group had grown to over 1000 members. Its atmosphere was carefully nurtured to create a safe supportive environment as many had difficult and painful stories to share. The candid testimonies that were gathered between March and April 2017 show the many ways in which real lives have been affected by the outcome of the Referendum. They illustrate the practical difficulties and the profound emotional stress that has been imposed on many people by this new political situation.

All the testimonies were shared with the full consent of their writers. Several preferred to sign with their initials or remain anonymous because of concerns about possible discrimination. Others will never appear in the book, as their writers felt they had too much to lose and were fearful of repercussions.

Against the odds, the book was created in less than two months as an intensive labour of love and dedication. Its editors endeavoured to include as many voices as possible but those who couldn’t be included were published in the group’s associated blog.

This project has only been possible thanks to the hard work of our passionate volunteers

Do you know how it feels?

Imagine… Imagine you left your native country because you wanted to explore your neighbouring world and embrace the European dream. Imagine you truly believed that the European Union was your home and that, as well as being a citizen of the country you were born in, you were also a citizen of Europe. Imagine you fell deeply in love with your new country. Imagine you built a life there, married, had children, a career, started a business… You felt happy and totally integrated. You were at home.

Then one day, your new country decides to vote to leave the European Union, which means that all the rules you have built your life on are going to change. One morning, after years and even decades, you suddenly feel unwelcome, unwanted, betrayed. Your certainties, your life and your security are gone. Your sense of identity too. Through no fault of your own, you are stuck in a painful limbo.

This is what has happened since the Brexit Referendum in June 2016 to the EU citizens who have made their life in the UK. This book of testimonies is their voice, their stories from Limbo, haunted by the poignant question: where is home?

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