In Limbo testimonies

The following testimonies were submitted for “In Limbo” although not published and their authors acknowledged in the book.

Dear Leavers

Dear Leavers,

Have you any idea how much heartache and headaches your vote and the Brexiteers’ subsequent handling of this vote have caused nationwide and on a European scale?

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This poem is about my experience of 4 weeks (28Aug-26Sep 2016) in University Hospital Southampton from coma after near fatal cycling accident. Dedicated to our amazing NHS medical teams: especially: Laura Z, Fei Q, Maria J, Darlene R, Doris H,Rachael C, Christine R C, Hannah T, Marie Rui S, Sam W, Carlos P, SN “Koo”,

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Meike’s Story

I remember the day we first met. I arrived eight hours late for our date at Liverpool Street station. My ferry from Bremerhaven to Harwich had been delayed, bad weather dragging out a cold and sea-sickening passage…

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Wouter’s Story

My very first visit to the UK was in the summer of 2000 for a cycling holiday with my brother. We got off the ferry in Hull and, before we were well on our way to York, it started raining and I had a flat tyre…

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E.D.K’s Story

My story is first and foremost a love story. Love knows no borders after all. I was born and raised in Belgium. All my life I’d had this feeling that my destiny was to leave my country for good one day…

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Yasmin’s Story

My mother was born in the UK. My grandparents, however, were from Spain.
My story began when my British (with Spanish heritage) mother married my father, who’s originally from Iraq, and had me in 1991…

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