In Limbo testimonies

The following testimonies were submitted for “In Limbo” although not published and their authors acknowledged in the book.

In Limbo Voices

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Dear Leavers

Dear Leavers,

Have you any idea how much heartache and headaches your vote and the Brexiteers’ subsequent handling of this vote have caused nationwide and on a European scale?

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This poem is about my experience of 4 weeks (28Aug-26Sep 2016) in University Hospital Southampton from coma after near fatal cycling accident. Dedicated to our amazing NHS medical teams: especially: Laura Z, Fei Q, Maria J, Darlene R, Doris H,Rachael C, Christine R C, Hannah T, Marie Rui S, Sam W, Carlos P, SN “Koo”,

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Meike’s Story

I remember the day we first met. I arrived eight hours late for our date at Liverpool Street station. My ferry from Bremerhaven to Harwich had been delayed, bad weather dragging out a cold and sea-sickening passage…

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Wouter’s Story

My very first visit to the UK was in the summer of 2000 for a cycling holiday with my brother. We got off the ferry in Hull and, before we were well on our way to York, it started raining and I had a flat tyre…

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