In Limbo testimonies

The following testimonies were submitted for “In Limbo” although not published and their authors acknowledged in the book.

Ben’s Story

I doubt Brexit will have a significant impact on my material life. But in the extreme case of a hard Brexit, where bargaining-chip tactics prevail and then go awry, I could be forced to close my consulting business here, leave my three French kids and my French girlfriend.

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A.P.M.’s Story

I reported this incident back in July 2016 about being racially victimised due to the Brexit vote. It happened in Stratford, East London.

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A.M.’s Story

I’ve been in the UK for the most part since 1984 which I gave as entry date because that’s when my National Insurance was issued. I’ve never been out of the country for more than two years. Like many others, I never thought it necessary to apply for anything such as ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) and the idea of the UK leaving the EU never crossed my mind. I’d heard about the automatic right to Permanent Residency (PR) after five years and thought all you had to do was to live here.

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A Polish EU Citizen’s Story

“First of all, be as safe as possible – literally – in your everyday life. Make your home a peaceful and secure place in every way, beginning with it being in a neighbourhood that feels safe…” Those are recommendations for anyone who is trying to recover from psychological traumas.

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A French EU Citizen’s Story (2)

In September 1987 I came to London to work as a Language Assistant. I immediately liked the ancestral land of my mother’s lineage (being Breton, my mother’s family came from here many centuries ago).

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A French EU Citizen’s Story (1)

I am a black French national. I have been in the UK for twenty years, married to a Brit for nearly sixteen. I trained and qualified as a midwife here and practiced until before my last pregnancy. I have lived in the south-east of England for nearly sixteen years.

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Good bye Britain

A German EU Citizen’s Story (1)

We have not experienced xenophobia or discrimination yet. We even have been offered a mortgage despite me being non-UK-citizen. I don’t think our case is very dramatic or worth being published in a book, nevertheless Brexit has turned our lives ‘upside down’ and this gives me the opportunity to summarise everything that has gone through my head, particularly since the 13th of March 2017.

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