In Limbo testimonies

The following testimonies were submitted for “In Limbo” although not published and their authors acknowledged in the book.


Judit’s Story

My husband came to the UK because he was offered a bartender job at the TGI Fridays after he came third place in the European bartending final.

He came alone and went to three different restaurants to see in which one he could see himself work and live. I came to choose the schools for the kids and we followed him a year later. I was lucky as I was able to help my kids at the beginning, and I have got my GTC number, which means that my teacher’s degree was accepted and I started to work for the City Council’s Minority Group Services teaching Italian.

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Sense of belonging wordle

Juliet’s Story

My experience of xenophobia took me completely by surprise.

Growing up in 1970’s as a British born subject with an English mother and Indian father in the South of England, there was a background of racism, with National Front marches in Brighton contributing to a sense of otherness. When I settled in Norwich in the late 1980’s, I was amazed at the lack of racism. I felt at ease in Norwich and made my home in the area, contributing to the community, attending UEA as a mature student and raising my son and daughter.

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KK’s Story

We (German hubby, the rest of us – 4 at the time – dual German/British citizens) came over to Scotland in 2000. We wanted a change of scenery and to escape the rat race and also I felt nostalgia for Britain, where I had spent some time as a kid.

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Magdalena’s Story

I arrived in the UK in 2007 along with my fiancé who became my husband in 2009. We decided to settle in Northern Ireland for unknown reasons. We did not consider the terrible weather here, that’s for sure!

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Peter’s Story

I turned 40 this year and this period feels like a crossroads in my life.

I was born in Canada of Dutch parents and moved to the UK when I was six in 1983. Except for four years spent in France between 1988 and 1992, I’ve lived here since then. The UK is effectively my home.

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Simona’s Story

I am a Romanian national and this is my and my husband’s story.

We met online in 2005, it was love at first sight, but we decided to not rush into anything. So we kept our relationship alive via chat, old-fashioned letters (I still have the invitation he sent me to come and meet him), telephone calls and parcels with little presents.

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