A Dutch citizen’s tale about PR and naturalisation

Is it strange that I nearly burst into tears at the end of my passport interview?

After the unnerving first question “do you know why you’re here?”, I got through twenty minutes of fairly random questioning of my personal life, worried that I might be failing because I’m not very good at remembering my parents’ dates and places of birth (I know that’s odd, I just have a very bad memory). He wasn’t even listening to my answers because several times he asked me something which I had just told him as part of the previous answer.

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Wouter’s Story

My very first visit to the UK was in the summer of 2000 for a cycling holiday with my brother. We got off the ferry in Hull and, before we were well on our way to York, it started raining and I had a flat tyre…

A Polish EU Citizen’s Story

“First of all, be as safe as possible – literally – in your everyday life. Make your home a peaceful and secure place in every way, beginning with it being in a neighbourhood that feels safe…” Those are recommendations for anyone who is trying to recover from psychological traumas. A peaceful place to live is an absolute must for anyone with trauma-related conditions, such as PTSD. People fleeing from warzones come to mind; but it also applies to those who may have not lived through war, but try to recover from other violent conditions they have suffered “back home”, recently or decades ago.

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