A Briton of Italian and Ukrainian roots’ story

UK, Italy and Ukraine
UK, Italy and Ukraine
Maria, United Kingdom
Firstly I must explain that I’m very fortunate and privileged that I don’t have the Brexit Sword of Damocles over my own head. I live in the UK and am British by birth so my rights here are unaffected. Thanks to my Italian mamma I am also Italian so I remain an EU citizen. It’s a little complicated but my children also have the right to dual nationality through blood line and my husband through marriage.

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A Briton’s Reflections

I was born in Africa to a Welsh Mum and an English Dad. Dad’s work took us around the world. I have attended school in 4 continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. Being an immigrant in several countries, learning cultures and languages of other people taught me to appreciate the importance of respect, understanding, empathy, tolerance, and compassion. Travel opened my mind.

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